Friday, February 7, 2003

Friday Special

TGIF!! I know it has been a short week, but I am still exhausted. So today I am going to leave the LJ up to Rendezvous Casualties. Have a great weekend everybody.
Chronicles of Rendezvous Casualties

Okay, so its been awhile since I wrote one of these stories and I told Keegs I would do this more often. And it just so happens he is gettting back from the wild West so he is probably busy with work, and I have a nagging question that I have heard on my last two dates.

I had a second date Tuesday night with a guy I met last November and we had a good first date, then the holidays and vacations got in the way. So needless to say a few months later we have our second date. It was great, dinner at Rattlesnake (ps. there menu changed and its horrible now) drinks at West Street Grille, a movie (The Recruit -ok at best) and then some jazz, chat and water at his apt. Good conversation lots in common, but that is not the point. So on Wednesday he instant messages me we chat for awhile. And then he types "I cant believe you dont have a boyfriend, you are pretty, funny, smart, and have a lot going for you, you must be picky."

Two weeks ago, I went home for my brother's birthay bonfire party. Where I happened run into a guy I had a crush on in junior high, well it turns out he had one on me too. He just moved back to the area from Colorado, and we spent most of the night catching up. We agreed that on Sunday we would go skiing together. Again great time, but that is not the point. He procedes to ask "Are you sure you dont have a boyfriend. I would of thought by sure you would. You are cute, live in Boston, funny, and have good job."

I always thought this was a parent and family question and even a friend question. But what does it mean when a guy on or after a date asks you this????? And what exactly do you answer, "would you like to apply for the job?"

So here goes the girl part about thinking to much about things. Does the question mean they are interested and want to make sure that you aren't taken? they are trying to figure out what is wrong with you because there must be a reason if no one else has snatched you up for himself? they dont want to be your boyfriend, but maybe they should appear like they have an interest? is it a compliment or not?

I mean really I dont get it. Cant a guy say "I had a good/great time with you and like to see you again, let so out on xyz. I think your pretty funny, cute, and smart." I mean if a girl asked this question to a guy, he would probably think she was psycho.

So please fill me in on what this means and how a girl should answer.

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