Thursday, February 27, 2003

Rendezvous Thursday

Here is another Chronicles of Rendezvous Casualties, glad i got this one I don't have time to write today anyway.

Last night we were talking about exes and if people were on good terms with them still. While I find it hard to remain friends after a breakup, it got me thinking about the what ifs and some of my 'interesting' dates and how I am glad they never had a chance to become exes. So here is a story of one such date:

I was being set up by a friend at work, who really shouldnt be a friend anymore after this date. Lets call the date Bob and it was this past summer. Bob and I emailed a few times and talked on the phone and agreed to meet at Tapeo on Newbury street at 8pm for drinks and some tapas on a Friday night. One knows its generally acceptable to arrive a few minutes late for a date, to be exact I was 8 minutes late. The bar was crowded and when I finally spotted him, he was sitting at the bar. However, he was eating, yes he was already eating. Hello I was 8 minutes late!! I can see getting a drink but he was eating!! My intial reaction was just to turn around and run, but he already saw me. So I stayed, he was talking all about himself,his Harvard PhD, new biotech company he was starting, yada yada.... I wasnt really attracted to him physically and it didnt really matter because he was already eating when I arrived, I could see if I was 30 minutes late but 8!?!?! Miss Manners would of
been probably had a heart attack by his rudeness.

So he finally lets me order one tapas and some olives to start. He orders one and then says that he needs to go back to work so I shouldnt really order more. So the bill comes and the bartender gives it to him, and the first thing he says is didnt you split the check? Which the bartender was like no, and just looks at me - at this point I was really horrified at the lack of manners, he could of taken it and when I do my usual would you like me to pay my half he could of said yes. So he makes a big deal and i tell the bartender we can figure it out, and he finally shuts up. I mean how hard is it to split up a bill for two people, especially if you have a Harvard PhD?? So the bill is a whopping $35! I give him a $20 and he pays the bill with an American Express Platnium card. Do you know how much you have to pay, have in personal assets and spend to get an Amex Platnium Card? I mean the annual fee alone is $400! At this point I am in total disbelief obviously could of afforded a
$35 tab and has no manners!

We walk outside, where I was like nice meeting you and took off. Hoping never to see or hear from him again. Wrong, the next day I get an email saying "I had a good time meeting and talking to you but obviously there was no chemistry so I shouldnt plan on seeing him again!" - Oh like my heart was broken!!

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