Monday, February 24, 2003


It's back to work today, yippee!! It turns out the project I was working on last week has moved into phase to, so after starting with 471 databases I am now down to 272 to go through and catalog. It looks to be an interesting week, luckily I may take Friday off and go up skiing. I don't want to miss Hoot night at Suds since it will be "the pilots" farewell night. I am waiting to see what the weather will be like first, but the long range forecast looks promising.

What to put in the LJ? Hmmmmmmmm, oh yeah how about a movie review. Saturday was a short skiing day and we ended up driving to Berlin, NH to see Old School. Let me start by saying the theater was totally sketch, it looked like an old abandoned building. The people inside were nice and the cost of a matinee was only four dollars so it was all good. We went into the theater which kind of felt like The Majestic very old fashioned. We were the only people seeing the movie which was nice because we could comment out loud instead of waiting until the end. Okay so on to the movie, now I didn't have high expectations and the movie certainly lived up to my expectations. Now I will admit it was a funny movie and I did laugh, but the funny scenes were few and far between. The story was weak, they tried to put a college humor film inside a romantic comedy. I also found the tests the fraternity had to pass to remain in business were far fetched and not believable. For example to demonstrate success in athletics they had to do gymnastics, WTF. The previews led me to believe there would be more fraternity hijinks, but the shenanigans were very abbreviated and the true love story and life of middle aged men dominated the entire film. I am not so upset that I want my four dollars back, but I did feel slightly deceived by the trailer. So go see it at your own risk. I miss doing movie reviews, this was fun.

I will go in this way
And find my own way out
I won't tell you to stay
But I'm coming to much more

-David John Matthews

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