Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I just can't help it, SNOW!!!

I know the only thing everybody will be talking about today is the snowstorm and as much as I want to avoid talking about it, I gotta at least mention it. So we got some snow, okay, more like a ton of snow. It is unbelievable how back on December 3, 2002 in the LiveJournal I mentioned how I wished we had snow like in the 70's and I guess the old saying, Be careful what you wish for it just may come true comes into play. For the record Boston received 23.6 inches from this storm, the storm is in the top five in recorded history with regards to snowfall totals.Start RevisionThe total snow was actually 27.5 inches making the snowfall amount in Boston higher than any storm since records were first kept in 1892. So some day you can tell your kids all about the biggest snowstorm to hit Boston in over 100 years. End Revision I was walking through Downtown Crossing(DTC) this morning and it was so quiet, I just started whistling and it echoed through the vacant streets. It made me happy and actually for once enjoy the city. The commute wasn't bad, here or on the way home from Maine last night since they didn't really get anything from this storm anyway.

I have another weather-centric story to tell from this weekend in Maine. Let me just start by saying it was COLD this weekend. I had never skiied when the temperature was below zero, until this weekend. Saturday and Sunday both started off well below zero. I was smart and didn't ski for the entire day and made sure to take breaks, but it didn't stop me from getting a little frost bite, as you can see in the picture.

I have been told to keep moisturizing it and it will be okay. Boy would I be excited to have a scar on my face, because I didn't cover up my face while skiing. On the bright side the skiing was excellent and I am beginning to notice how the 37 days so far this year have really improved my skiing. It makes me excited for the warmer temperatures and softer snow.

Gotta mention that despite the snow the staff of Finagle a Bagel, showed up today and helped get my day off to a great start. Let's just hope I can build on it.

Oh, life it seems a struggle between
What we think what we see

-David John Matthews
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