Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Best Ski Day EVER!!!!!!

Okay I know you all are sick and tired of hearing about skiing and I think too bad for you. Today we got up and packed all our stuff to prepare for the long trip home. We ended up leaving the house around eight and were going to go to Snowbasin, but after checking out the road map found it was too far away. We thought a little bit and decided to go to Alta instead, we went there last Thursday and it was pretty cool so we figured what the heck, its only a $40 lift ticket. There was a possible problem though, since Alta is up the Little Cottonwood Canyon, it is sometimes closed during snow storms, but lucky for us the road was open. We arrived and they had already received about six inches of snow overnight. The snow report said that since Saturday they had a total of 33 inches. So we suited up and headed for the lift.

Let me just say it was UNBELIEVABLE. We hopped on the sketchy double chair without a bar, Alta doesn't believe in safety bars or snowboarders for that matter. Upon arrival at the top, we headed down towards the base into over a foot of powder. We ended up making fresh tracks into over a foot of snow, it was incredible. The snow was just piling up in front of me and blowing in my face, I was covered from head to toe and I hadn't even fallen down. If you could only have seen the smile on my face, I couldn't stop laughing because it was just unbelievable. At some points the snow was up to waist deep and you just had to keep plowing on down the hill.

After a couple of runs I lost the group and my radio battery went dead so I was forced to ski solo for a few hours. I ended up going all over the place and found a ton of trails with the waist deep snow and untouched powder. It was heaven. I have never and skiied in such amazing conditions, even on the last run of the day I was able to find a trail where a couple fresh lines were still possible. Today made me dread going back to Sunday River. It will be so lame, I don't every want to ski on groomed terrain again. The skiing today alone made the entire trip worth it, I just can't say enough. Pictures will be online by Thursday, be sure to check back and see what I have been up to.

Final note: Even though today was amazing I do have this strange longing to return to the 'Bury. It is really weird, I love being away, but can't wait to go back home, to drive my car, see the family and oddly enough get back to work. Have a great night and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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