Friday, November 15, 2002

New Skis

I know I am late updating this today, sorry. Okay lets see, last night I went to the Boston Ski Expo with some BoCaNoers and my brother. I ended up buying some new skis, 2002 Salomon 1080's, but after some research, I may return them tomorrow and get some 2001 Salomon 1080's from a ski shop in Salisbury. I know this may seem silly, but the 2002's are white and have a little robot guy on them, while the 2001's are blue. I would also like to spend money in the local store instead of a larger chain. The rest of the ski show was pretty cool, I ended up with a bunch of stickers and some other free stuff. Stowe was giving out free t-shirts, stress yo-yo's and red pens. It was cool just walking around and checking out all of the different stuff. My two favorite things were probably the skaters doing tricks in the mini skate park and the girl who was jumping on the trampoline and doing flips in the air.

Opening Day Picture at Sunday River today. It is official the ski season has begun at my favorite New England resort. The lifts are turning and they are skiing and riding on a whopping nine trails, BUT my sources tell me they are expected to get up to 11 inches this weekend. So hopefully by the time I get up there on Sunday they will have at least 12 trails open. If only it hadn't rained last week, there would be over 20 open for this weekend, well the weather is certainly one of those things we just can't control, yet.

I saw this in the Metro today and had to post it. It is good to see people with a sense of humor.
From letters in the Boston Metro Weekend Edition November 15-17, 2002
You won't find bias in Metro monkey report by Stacey Lee from Boston
All too often these days, people jump to conclusions over someone's innocence or guilt after being exposed to seemingly biased reports in the media. I respect the Metro for their dedication to journalism in its purest form. Yesterday, the Metro was very careful to point out that despite overwhelming evidence at the scene (including the fact that the opening through which the crime was committed was too small to fit a human being), the names of the 15 monkey suspects were not printed. The Metro was also very responsible to report that the group "allegedly broke into the mansion" - nothing had yet been proven in a court of law. Thank you Metro.

Have a great weekend and look for an update next Tuesday, since I will probably be skiing on Monday.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song Title: So Right
Roll out down to midnight
Then roll on downtown 'til it's light
Because tomorrow we may die
Oh, but tonight we're dancing in the faint light
Don't you rob yourself of what you're feeling
Don't rob yourself of all that you could be
Roll hard 'til midnight
Roll 'til it's light

Come on now
Stay up and make some memories
Yeah, with us now
Roll the red carpet out with friends
To whom, to love and roll on

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