Thursday, November 14, 2002

EMINEM We Surrender!

First of all Eminem if you are reading this, it is not that I don't enjoy your music, because I do, but you are on the radio too much. So please don't bust a cap in my ass for the following opinion. A couple of us at work, John and I, have had about enough of the white rapper/actor Eminem. The problem is that this guy at work, we'll call him Rappin' Rob, likes to listen to a rap station all day. We are forced to listen since his radio is always blaring, but not quite loud enough for us to hear anything besides the bass and the few random whistles and chirps which appear in rap songs. So all day we hear the same dozen songs over and over again. How does Eminem fit in to this? Well since he is so popular lately we get to hear him every five songs, which is too much. Also if you go on the internet or turn on the tv he is there because of his movie. I haven't seen the movie, but I am sure he is a great actor and I think it would be great to see him in different roles. It is obvious now that he is a great musician and a great actor, now can't he just go away or tone it down a bit. Maybe we should just sabotage Rappin' Rob's radio so he can't listen to it or maybe even give him some headphones (now that's an idea).

Last night we had BoCaNO at the Good Life. I sat at the bar for a half an hour because I didn't realize everybody else had already arrived. The cool thing about it though was that my bartender was Rich, of Rich's Chocolate Martini on the menu. It was a good time last night, with the exception of the huge fashion discussion(thanks Mark).
Things I learned:
1) Depending on the neckline and your breast size a woman will button her cardigan differently.
2) Thongs are not on the way out, because panty lines will never be a good thing.
3) One piece bathing suits aren't good for women with long torsos especially if they have smaller breasts.
Once again thanks Mark for bringing that up. We also discussed relationships and how to succeed in them. Ironically I think everybody at the table was single. It seems to be a common theme lately, that all of the relationship advice I hear about now comes from people that are single. How can I take advice from single people? If they really knew anything about relationships wouldn't they be in one? So like any advice you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt.

One more thing for today, which was kind of disturbing. On the train ride home there were a bunch of people who had gone to the Celtics game and were very lively of course. I sat next to this one guy who is one of those talkers, who is kind of slow, but thinks he knows all there is about the athletes. I am annoyed by this, but I just kept my headphones on and tried to ignore him because he is also the type of person that will just start talking to you and if you acknowledge what he says at all, you just opened the floodgates for conversation. Luckily I avoided this, but the guys across from me were not so lucky and began speaking with him. The guys knew what they were getting into though and proceeded to make fun of the guy for the next thirty minutes. It was so funny and I ended up laughing most of the way home, I did kind of feel bad for the guy though, because at points they were kind of harsh, but it is all payback for the train rides I am sure he has ruined for some unsuspecting victim.

Have a great day!! :o)

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song Title: Pay For What You Get
Work ourselves, fingers to the bone
Suck the marrow, drain my soul
Fingers to the bone
Pay your dues, and your debts
Pay your respects, everybody tells you
You pay for what you get
You pay for what you get

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