Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving

It appears my forecast was correct and we have in fact received some snow, why couldn't it have just waited until tomorrow. Well, it is here and there isn't much we can do about it except enjoy it by having a snowball fight or building a snowman.

Keegan's Thanksgiving Weather Report
The snow should be tapering off today from Northwest to Southeast, with just some cloudiness later in the day. The Highway department should have the roads nice and clear just in time for everybody to travel tonight. It looks like Turkey Day will be sunny, but a bit chilly with temps in the upper 20's. I know I will be spending some of the day watching the Amesbury Fighting Indians play there first home TDay game in like five years, hopefully the snow and home crowd will inspire them to win their first game of the season.

Lets see should I tell the funny story first or should I go off about the complaint I have. I think I will go with funny first. So here is a picture, which was drawn by Scottie:

Notice the guy in the picture carrying the pizza because he is the subject of this great story of just how stupid some people can be. Scottie and I went to get lunch and I decided on Jay-Bo, not because the pizza is good, but because it was cheap and since I am terrible at determining if something tastes good or not it doesn't matter to me. So I was in line and these three guys got a large pizza and some soda, the guy got the pizza and sort of tipped it and I thought, "He will straighten it out after he pays.". Well he didn't and ended up just tucking it under his arm like a book and walked out of the place. I couldn't believe it and Scottie wasn't there so I had no proof. Finally, he showed up and I totally forgot what it was I wanted to tell him and he asked if I had seen the guy carrying the pizza. It was so classic, it is as if the guy has never had pizza before, can you even imagine what a mess that pizza ended up in. Stupid People RULE!!!

Continuing with the stupid theme, I am certainly not exempt from being stupid, because when I decided yesterday afternoon it would be a great idea to meet a friend in Hanover, I was quite stupid. You may ask how could that be stupid, well lets just say it took me two hours to drive from Malden to Hanover, for those of you not familiar with these towns it is a short 27 miles according to Mapquest and should only take 30 minutes. I foolishly did not take into consideration the holiday and the fact that the meteorologists put everybody into panic mode by saying the two simple words SNOW and STORM. The traffic was insane, and I also learned another valuable lesson, even though it seems like a good idea, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT TRAVEL IN THE CARPOOL LANE on 93S. Once you are trapped in that damn thing, you are finished, there is no way out unless you have an SUV and can climb the curb. There are no exits and you are just forced to stick it out, I thought for sure I was going to get out of my car and jump off the damn bridge. At least in the other lanes you can jockey back and forth between lanes and feel like you are accomplishing something, but just sitting there really makes you realize you aren't moving. It is amazing people don't kill themselves out of road rage, I was going out of my mind, not only because I was late, but because I was stupid enough to even consider driving on such a day. The only good thing to come from the whole experience was that I am now sure I want to live in the country, perhaps Maine or Vermont ;o) I just need to get a cool telecommuting computer job and I will be all set, or perhaps if this journal really takes off I could just do this. Oh yeah to add insult to injury on the way home at midnight, I hit traffic again in the South Station tunnel because they decided to see if they could get three lanes to one lane in less than one mile, can you believe that?

Links of the Day
Two links today the first is fun game where you assume the role of a seagull and poo on stuff. Seagull Game

The next link is a Harry Potter related topic, but it is for all people, because for those of you who don't like the whole fiasco of Harry Potter, you can get a laugh out and I think people who do like it find it amusing also. The review is by Maddox a funny guy, be sure to check out the main page link at the bottom to see his other stuff. Check it Harry Potter Review

ADAM SANDLER Lyrics of the Day (for the holiday, I apologize if you end up singing it all day)
Song title: Thanksgiving Song Download It
Love to eat turkey
Love to eat tur-r-rkeyyyy

Love to eat turkey cuz its good
I love to eat turkey like a good boy should
cuz its turkey
to eat
so good

Turkey for me turkey for u
lets eat the turkey in a big brown shoe
love to eat the turkey at the table
i once saw a movie with Betty Grable
Eat the turkey all night long
50 million Elvis fans cant be wrong
Turkey-turkey doo turkey turkey that
i eat that turkey then i take a nap a special night
Jimmy Walker used to say DYNOMITE

Tukey with gravy and the cranberries
cant believe the Mets traded Darrel Strawberry
Turkey for u and turkey for me
cant believe Tyson gave that girl VD

OOOOO white meat and dark meat
u just cant lose
i fell off my Moped and i got a bruise
Turkey in the oven and the buns in the toaster
i'll neva take down my Sherrel Tiggs poster

Wrap the turkey up in aluminum foil
my brother likes to masterbate with baby oil

Turkey and sweet potato pie
Sammy Davis Jr. only had one eye

OOOOOOO turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys
my favoirte pants are courdaroys
Gobble Gobble goo and Gobble Gobble giggle
i wish turkey only cost a nickel

OOOO I love turkey on Thanksgiving


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