Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Free Bagel Day

On my way to work today I thought I would have nothing to put into the journal this morning, but over the past hour some stuff has come up. You may be wondering what possibly could have happened in one hour's time, I will tell you. First of all whenever there is free food at work a phenomenon occurs where all of the people, rush to the food as if they haven't eaten for days. Now I will admit, I am strangely drawn to the food and try my best to wait, but sometimes I just can't help but join in on the feeding frenzy. I try to theorize why people would act this way and it all comes down to the fact that no matter what the free food is, there is always going to be the flavor or toppings which nobody wants to eat. The people ordering the food always attempt to get a little bit of every flavor, to please everybody, but they seem to go too far and order really obsucure items. For example, today we had two bags of honey grain bagels, now I am sure they are great, but how many people are actually going to choose them. Pizza is another great example, we always seem to get the typical cheese, pepperoni or mushroom, but then there is always the random eggplant, hot pepper, and broccoli pizza. It is due these exceptions to the norm that people rush to get in line and eat, because nobody wants to get up there and be forced to eat the worst varieties of the free food. I understand that it is probably difficult to order and I am not sure I would do a better job, but seriously don't go out of your way to get exotic flavors because it is just going to go to waste. Just get cheese and pepperoni pizza and everybody will be quite happy, I mean the food is free.

My second thing about this morning is with regards to orange juice pulp. When Elio and I went to buy OJ this morning for the party, we got two of each: no pulp, some pulp and tons of pulp. Little did we know, nobody likes pulp, when did this start. I knew some people didn't like pulp but apparently it is not popular at all. I personally don't care either way, but feel the pulpy orange juice is closer to the real thing. I would love to hear people's opinions on this. Do you really notice the pulp when you are drinking it, I thought it all just went down the shoot together, I have never really noticed any pulp hanging around in my mouth after I had a drink. Please click on the post comment link below on the right and anonymously post your thoughts. Personally I think you no pulp people are crazy, if you don't want pulp go mix some kool aid and water together and enjoy that pulp free orange juice.

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Song title: Too Much
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I drink too much
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