Monday, November 25, 2002

Crazy Weekend

I had quite an interesting long weekend, it all started with a trip up to Sunday River on Thursday night. We got the whole apartment situation settled and then headed to the mountain for some skiing in the rain. The mountain was quiet and the rain wasn't bad until late in the afternoon. I did finally get to try out my new skis and I have to say shape skis are the best. I now feel as if I am twice as good as before skiing on them. They make it so easy to carve it is unbelievable, if anybody out there is still skiing on straight skis it is definitely time to make the switch. So after testing the skis out and getting totally soaked in the rain, I decided to call it a day around 3:15. Headed to Suds for some eats and to drink some hard cider and then off to bed at midnight. Woke up at six, thanks Mark for the wake up call, and headed back to Amesbury.

Once back in Amesbury I changed and headed further south to Boston, to pick up Britt, Vanessa (Britt's roommate ;-) and Jacq. We all piled into the Jetta and headed west for UMass Amherst. After two hours and some confusion on the UMass campus, we finally saw Nissa and parked the car. Hung out in the dorms for a while and then headed downtown for some food and shopping. Amherst seemed like a pretty cool place, though I don't know if I would want to live there. I also came to the realization, that I am old, because most of the people I met there were just freshmen and that means they are like seven years younger than I am. As most of you know, this is probably not the crowd I should be hanging out with ;-D It was cool hanging out and fun to see dorm life again, but I knew it was time to leave. I left in the afternoon only to return the next morning. I know it sounds crazy but I had a good time and would have to say it was a very successful weekend. To top off the weekend I had Thanksgiving dinner at my dad's house on Sunday night because he is going to be away for the next couple of weeks. The meal was great and I tried some new vegetables, including squash and peas, I think it is time to grow up and finally start eating them.

Mileage Contest
So after putting 700 miles on my new car this weekend I decided it was time to make it interesting. So I have decided to have my first livejournal contest. Whoever guesses the correct mileage on my car for December 31, 2002 at 11:59PM, without going over will win a $20 gift certificate to a restaurant to be named later. To enter you can either post your guess as a comment or email me at I will be posting the entries on the journal or on a contest page. The current mileage on the car is @ 2,234. Entry is free, so good luck. If you post it through a comment don't forget to include your name.

Lots of good stuff coming this week in the journal so stay tuned!!!

Link of the day
How popular is your name? Popular Baby Names web site allows you to put your name in and see how it ranks. Keegan is really gaining in popularity, from 520th in 1990 to 273rd in 2001. Enjoy!!

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: Seek Up
Sometimes I feel like I'm falling
Fall back again, fall back again,
Fall back again, fall back again

Skier day tallies
Keegan - 4
Mark - 4
Kate - 4

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