Thursday, November 7, 2002

Back to Work

I just got back to work and my coworkers left me this drawing on the whiteboard.

The wheels aren't exactly round, but the front end appears to have been meticulously drawn to closely resemble the car. The most important feature to notice, for those of you not familiar with the whiteboard drawings, is my hair in the classic "Browkaw" style.

The drive to work was stressful today, I had to drive to Malden because I am going out after work tonight. I have never been so nervous driving before, it was certainly a good test of the new car. The traffic was insane on route one and then into Malden and for two days in a row I had to leave the car in a parking garage, I am just asking for the first scratch.

Last night's BoCaNO was great. It was nice to have two new people out with us Chris and Travis. I do have a couple complaints about the Cambridge Brewing Company, first of all the pizza had the thinnest crust of any pizza ever, it was just like they had spread tomato sauce onto wax paper and put cheese on it and surrounded it with a circle of bread. My other complaint is about the service, I asked for a lemonade three times and finally after twenty five minutes I got it. Besides those two things I did enjoy the beer and the nachos.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song Title: Two Step
Celebrate we will
'Cause life is short
But sweet for certain

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