Thursday, August 5, 2004


It has finally come the day I have my wisdom tooth extracted at the dentist. I woke up this morning and thanks to the rain it was finally a reasonable temperature in my room. It then hit me that in less than eight hours I was going to have to sit in the dentist's chair wide awake while he pulled my tooth out of my skull. Since remembering this I haven't had an appetite for anything, my breathing has been quickened and the cold sweats have come and gone throughout the day. I wonder why I am such a wuss. Its not like my tooth is impacted, so it should be fairly quick and not as painful as most people have it. I wish I could go back to my childhood and see the one experience that caused me to have such trepidation when it comes to the dentist. While I am in that time machine I am also going to go back and find my first bad thunderstorm event and hopefully remove that fear too.

Its just annoying that at 27 years old I am scared to have a dentist poke and prod in my mouth. I do riskier things that could certainly result in more pain, like skiing down Excalibur at over 55 MPH, jumping off seven foot jumps and completely turning around in the air or rollerblading down Powow Hill withouth brakes. How is it that sitting in a relatively comfortable chair and having somebody stick a small metal tool in my mouth is ten times scarier to me than those other activities. If somebody has any tips on how I could possibly grow up, just let me know. On the bright side instead of wasting one hundred dollars on a bungee jump for an adrenaline rush, I can just go to the dentist for a cleaning and insurance will pay for it.

Okay I need to get my mind off of that subject and on to something more fun like BoCaNO last night. We went to Made-By-Me a potter painting place. You pick a piece of pottery and then paint it however you want. They take it afterwards and fire it up in the kiln for pick up a few days later. It was tough coming up with ideas at first I wanted to do an arctic scene on my bowls with penguins and seals, but new that would involve lots of drawing, which I am not good at. See My Art Show I finally came up with an okay idea for my cereal bowl and after an hour and fifteen minutes had finished painting. Afterwards we went out for Mexican food across the street which was fun, especially because the BoSox were on and they were defeated by my Devil Rays

Pottery Slide Show Sorry for the poor picture quality. I either need a new camera or it is time for a cleaning.

I went home and read another essay in my book. Fun fact I learned last night. The Dutch traded a little place they called New Amsterdam, you know it better as Manhattan, for a small Nutmeg producing island called Run in the Pacific. Why would you do that? Well to create a monopoly in the Nutmeg trade. Silly Dutch!!!

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