Thursday, August 19, 2004

It was a great day

I am very busy today, but wanted to put some albums out here in honor of Clemence's last BoCaNO for now. We played soccer in the park and then went over to John Harvard's for dinner. It was very yummy.

Clemence's Last BoCaNO for now

Clemence's First BoCaNO

I also had a nice afternoon of shopping in the city with Jen. I bought new brown shoes yes I know this is quite a rarity for me. I also bought some new nice clothes because I can't really go out anywhere dressed in my ripped or marked up khakis I wear to work. They were selling fresh apples and cider at City Hall plaza. It was nice to have my first cider of the year, I am very excited for Autumn to begin. Cider Hill Farm donuts will soon be in my belly.

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