Thursday, August 19, 2004

I have been really bad at keeping up with this, but I really want some record of what has been happening with Jen. First of all it has been over a month since our first date at Dali. A few days after that we drove up the coast of NH to Odiorne Point State Park and then at dinner at Margarita's followed by a night cap at her house. She was busy over the next week and then went to the Cape nannying for a week. We kept in touch though and would talk often and for long periods of time. Haha looking back it seems so long ago that I was talking to her on the phone in my apartment in Salem. She came back from the cape on the same day I moved (August 1st). I was supposed to see her that night, but due to my moving troubles I wasn't able to.

However the next day she came over to see me. When she got here I had just started playing the guitar and played my first two songs for her, Big Eyed Fish and Too Much. We left and went to Boston to go to the Aquarium. It was nice to go on a date without taking the car for a change. I needed to get a T pass so we went to South Station and then walked around to the Aquarium. We stood in line and had our picture taken, because they require it to buy a ticket. We got our ticket and went inside to see the Jellyfish exhibit. It was amazing and we also learned about copapods. We watched the penguins for a while and then went to the Imax theater. The movie was good especially the dramatic tone of the narrator. Afterwards it was clear that we needed to eat and walked over to Faneuil Hall for lunch at Bertucci's. We were both extremely hungry and glad to get something in our stomachs. We both had margheurita pizzas and were full afterwards. The waitress was rather peculiar and actually butted in to a conversation we were having about credit cards. Very strange, but also something fun to laugh about. We went back to the Aquarium and saw everything else we missed on the first visit. Slowly winding are way to the top of the giant tank things were going very well. I felt very close to her and was having a really fun afternoon. The top of the tank was a good place to stop and take a break for a little while and learn about the different fish in the tank. Our curiousity got the best of us and we played in the gift shop for a good half hour before returning to the oppressive heat of the outside. In our travels we ended up in PO Square, where we just laid on the grass for an hour or so just talking and enjoying each others company. Playing in the fountain was also fun. It was getting late so we went back to Somerville and stopped by my house. We sat on my bed talking and I played the guitar for her for about an hour or more. It was hot and I was sweating from being so nervous about it, but she really seemed to like it, which I of course loved. She went home late that night and I was glad to say the third date was just as much of a success as the first two, if not even better. Oh I almost forgot when she came over I gave her a mason jar full of wishing stones, shells, sea glass and snails I had gathered on the beach in Salem. She loved it.

On Monday, we gathered an impromptu BoCaNO crew together and went to The Burren. It was Jen's first time meeting everybody so we were both nervous, but of course everybody thought she was wonderful and they were very happy for me. She fit right in with the group especially Clemence. Unfortunately she couldn't stay long, so I walked her outside and gave her a kiss good night. I was so happy to have my friends meet her and even more excited that they liked her so much. It was strange having a girl with me in front of my friends, but also nice because I could just talk to her at points and leave the group for a while. So once again another success with Jen. My happiness just keeps increasing.

Our next official date was on Friday, August 6th, the day after I had my wisdom tooth pulled. I went to Jen's bright and early for the beginning of what would be known as the Tour De New England. Within a couple hours we were up at the end of the Kancamagnus. We stopped briefly for drinks and to use the bathroom before heading down "The Kanc". Within a few minutes we stopped at an overlook and took some pictures with our sweaters on. It was beautiful and she was seemed very happy to be outside in nature. I was excited that she brought her camera and was taking pictures. We drove some more in the car and just kept talking and having a great time until we got to Rocky Gorge. We got out again for some wandering and picture taking. The sun was now shining down and it was nice to just lay there and bask in the light. It was getting near lunchtime and we were both hungry. The nearest grown up place to eat was a local pub, so we went in and I had a bowl of chili because of my tooth. A nice lunch overall and a good way to break up the day. We originally intended to drive up Mt. Washington, but the weather was less than desirable and instead we stopped at Glen Ellis Falls. Once again Jen was excited about seeing the falls, which made me extremely happy. It was such a peaceful spot and we stopped there for an hour just enjoying the serenity and each others company. I wanted to show her my parents house in Bethel so we drove east into Maine. When we got there Noelle's sister's boyfriend was there and kept asking us if we wanted to join his BBQ. We graciously declined despite his persistence. The house was different, but still just as nice and the river behind was beautiful, capping off all of the wonderful nature spots we visited. It was starting to get late and we had a long way to go. Next stop Amesbury. I had to grab my bike for the triathlon the next day so we had to stop. Only Jon and Zach were home so they got to meet Jen. Hunger had set in again and what better place to go on your first trip to Amesbury than Hodgies. Jen ordered a quarter kiddie on a cone which was huge, but she managed to finish most of it without making too much of a mess. Our final stop on this long trip was Salem, where I had to pick up my deposit from Jesse. We tried to keep it short and then made it back to Somerville, thirteen hours after we left. Needless to say I was exhausted and when we got upstairs I passed right out. After a little rest I regained my strength and was a little bit more awake. We went to bed and only slept a few hours because we had to get up for the triathlon the next day.

Triathlon in Plymouth
Jen went to Maine for the week although we talked every day and became even closer
She came back on 8/16 and I went to her house and then dinner in the North End and then a sleepover
On Monday night she came over to plan our trip next week to Maine.
Tuesday night we talked on the phone and then couldn't resist a sleepover
Wednesday we met in the city and did shopping for the wedding this weekend. Stopped at the chocolate dipper, bought cider and apples and just had an unbelievable afternoon together

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