Monday, August 16, 2004

2004 BBQ

It was another successful BBQ thanks to everybody for showing up. I made my signature watermelon fruit salad with a twist this year. Instead of making a basket I carved little waves into the side in honor of the hurricane. The pictures can tell a better story than I ever could. We did do a bunch of fun things like swimming, hacky sacking, frisbee, eating, egg tossing, basketball, pinata beating, and Hodgie's ice cream eating. I personally enjoyed more than last year's because I was much more relaxed and not nearly as stressed about making sure everybody was happy. New things this year were the Hodgies afterwards and my set on the guitar. Yes its true I actually played for real people out in the pool area. It was really dark and I could barely see the strings, but I managed to muddle through a few songs.
Here is the setlist for record keeping purposes:
(Dressed In Black) -->
Big Eyed Fish
Angel From Montgomery
Song That Jane Likes
In My Life
Too Much
All Along The Watchtower

( ) indicates partial song
--> indicates segue

Haha how lame is that. It was fun to play, I am not sure how fun it was to listen. For the first time I wasn't nervous playing in front of people. It was a nice change. The pinata was next and once again it broke off of the string and we had to resort to the softball pitch to bust it open. Hodgies was great especially because it was hilarious watching Amy eat her ice cream like a five year old. Hahahaha. When we got back the collge girls had arrived. It was nice to see Emily and Nissa for the first time in like six months. I gave Britt, Sara, Vanessa and Amy a ride back to Boston and made it home by midnight. A long but fun and great day. What will next year's BBQ bring?
Brendan sent me a couple of his pictures, complete with captions:

Here is a link for 2003 BBQ Album for a nice look back.

Yesterday the weather was so poor I just stayed in most of the morning reading a book and then I read the newspaper. I picked up super glue for my bowl, which I conveniently dropped on the floor Friday night. It is now together, but I don't know if it will hold milk. We'll see tonight. Jen came back from vacation yesterday and we went to dinner at a nice grown up restaurant in the North End called Bricco. It was really nice, one of those places that still serves bread and they even put the napkin in your lap for you. I tried squash blossoms for the first time and they were very good. My main course was a pasta dish shaped like a drum. On top of the drum is a giant blob of mozzarella and inside was penne and veal. It was covered in a red sauce and petite meatballs. Although somewhat difficult to eat it was also scrumptious and filling. Unfortunately it left little room for dessert and so we weren't able to go to a cafe afterwards.

In case you were wondering here is a page with the information about the difference between crickets, katydids and grasshoppers.

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