Monday, December 1, 2003

It was a great day!!!

Lets go over the good things in my day!!
1) Woke up on time.
2) Bought my T pass at the Red Lion Smoke Shop and didn't miss my train.
3) Paid off my outstanding parking tickets.
4) Almost finished the crossword on the way in to Boston, with a little help from my friend Stephanie.
5) Cancelled HBO and Cinemax.
6) Found out my car may be ready by Friday.
7) Learned that REI sold tele gear and could have my skis ready by Friday.
8) Figured out the SEC Yield database problem.
9) Calculated expenses and fixed any outstanding issues.
10) Devoured a yummy Wild Mountain Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's. (If you haven't had it go now they are open late.)
11) Had some delicious apple pie.
12) Ate some of Julie's birthday cake.
13) Unsubsribed to just before they charged me for another month.
14) Left work after only eight and a half hours.
15) Caught the 5:25 express to Salem. (I didn't even know there was such a train)
16) Mom told me I could keep the car for another night.
17) Talked to landlord, Jesse, about using his washer and dryer.
18) Got some cool tele bindings and poles at REI.
19) Finally bought some groceries.

I am sure I missed some stuff, but it is good to leave the list on a prime number. So yes it was a good day and btw one more good thing is that I am taking the next two Mondays off from work and enjoying the early season skiing.

EDIT: I forgot this one. 20) Vanessa is back in Beantown.

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