Friday, December 5, 2003

Christmas Tree Lighting

Last night was the tree lighting in Boston Common so I met up with Britt, Vanessa, Becky and Holly to check out the festivities. We got there and were all hungry but agreed we would stand through some of it. After a half an hour are stomachs got the best of us and we went to eat at Upper Crust on Charles Street. The show in the Common had also gone sour with a horrible singing number by the MUCH younger sister of Mrs. Claus. Please I don't need to starve just to sit through that crap.

A classic scene occurred at Upper Crust while we were standing in line trying to decide what type of pizza to buy. A guy called the manager on the phone requesting a delivery, but he would only tell her his apartment number. She kept asking him what street he lives on and he would only reiterate his apartment number. She asked again saying she would need to know what his address was before he could deliver the pizza. We just stood back and watched as she hung up and he called back and she just left the phone on the counter. HA!! The pizza was great, its a good thing I was with so many Santas, because they helped make finishing two pizzas possible. Very impressive ladies!

Next up was the debating about what to do next and we finally settled on Elf at the LBC but only after going from street corner to street corner. The movie was hilarious and only made funnier by the muppet laugher two seats down on my right. Went back to 100 Beacon to pass the time away, good times hanging out like a college kid, gotta love dorm life. Finally walked to the train and then ran to my house from Salem station because I just wanted to get home.

The fun continued this morning because since I can't stop in Salem I had to pack my bags and carry them all the way to the train and then to work. It sucks not having a car and the cold weather doesn't help at all.

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