Thursday, December 18, 2003

I Keep Going and Going and Going

Okay so today was a crazy day for me. I walked to the train again, but unfortunately I was iPod-less. So in its absence I decided to sing. I had to keep checking around me to make sure nobody could here me. The highlight of the walk would have to be the old Macintosh box in somebody's trash, this thing was old school as in 1985 style. I have included a picture of it in This Here Slideshow.

Work was the same old crap except since it was John's birthday we had some cake which made me extra hyper in the afternoon and I was noticeably off the wall. Oh well hyper makes the day go by faster. I was tempted to go and see Return of the King, but at 200 minutes in length I think they will miss me at work.

Today was Vanessa's last day in the city, which is very sad. It is hard to believe she really won't be BACK until the end of the summer. I mean yeah she will be around in January and then in May, but for just brief periods of time. :o( Oh well enjoy Europe, get out and see the world while you can, I am very jealous.

What else? Oh yeah the basketball game. My mom hooked me up with some sweet Celtics tickets and I asked Victor, the biggest basketball fan I know if he wanted to go. We got to the Fleet, my second night in a row, and found the seats which were five rows off of the floor. Now I am not a huge basketball fan, but it was an amazing game. Not only was it a good game because of Antoine Walker's first time back at the Fleet since his trade, but it was also the first game with the new guys from the recent trade. The Celtics struggled for most of the game and couldn't get rebounds and missed a ton of shots. The were behind most of the way until the end of the fourth quarter when they really came alive. The lead changed several times in the last couple minutes with each team firing back and forth at each other. In the end it came to to Pierce hitting a jumper over Walker and then Walker missing a key shot in the last seconds leaving the Celtics with a come from behind victory. Everybody was out of control, it was as if we had one the World Championship.
Highlights of the game:
1) Several tres attractive ladies in the stands.
2) The various shots of the crowd doing there thing.
3) Movie clips on the jumbotron to inspire the fans. (Hoosiers, Network, Brave Heart, A Few Good Men)
4) Free hot dogs.
5) Lucky the mascot, at first he was annoying but he grows on ya.
6) The come from behind victory.

Upon getting back home I completed my Christmas shopping on Ofoto. So yes some of you should be expecting some of my photography for the holidays. It caused a little more than I hoped, but I finished it all with the click of a few buttons, which to me makes it all worth the extra money. Okay I am exhausted and have to go out again tomorrow night for the BoCaNO Christmas party. Hmmmmm, maybe I will bring my guitar for some caroling.

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