Sunday, November 23, 2003

Yes I did go skiing this weekend kind of. Travis and I went up, but it was horrible. After all the rain last week it really wasn't worth the trouble so we did a few runs and went back to the house. Rockin party at Amy's house on Saturday for more detail see the photos. Aren't Mark and Kate just the cutest couple ever. Awww!!!

My lack of a car continues and let me tell you it has just screwed up my life in the oddest ways. For example, I am now running out of food at the house because I can't go to the store, I have the pressure of finding a ride up to Maine on the weekends and believe me there is nothing I hate more than getting a ride from somebody, I just feel so indebted to that person. What else, oh yeah, I have to walk to and from the train station which is okay on a sunny morning, but not okay at 12:45 AM in the rain through a sketchy part of Salem. Today I was completely screwed and had to walk from the train to my house carrying a two duffle bags, my work bag and my guitar. It took forever and I was so sore afterwards. The auto body shop won't give me a time, but I am guessing I won't have the car back until the second week in December. WTF am I going to do. Plus how am I going to get to the Bury for the big game. My life has been turned upside down and I don't fucking like it very much.

I did accomplish a lot once I got home. I added about 150 songs to my iPod, including the Central Park show. I also watched about eight hours of the 12 hours of shows I have taped over the last week. I am now up to last week's West Wing. I am determined to get through it all by tomorrow night. I also made some cookies tonight, granted they were the pre mixed kind, but I still had to monitor them in the oven and overall they are okay.

Nice, I think this is my first entry from my apartment, since I apparently don't have time to update at work anymore this is how it will have to be for now.

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