Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Wired Again

Do you want to Make Snowflake.

Good times last night. I couldn't wait to get home and get my internet working. Turned on the PC and it was all set, sweet!!!!! I then updated all of my software that has grown old due to lack of internet. My favourite upgrade was for my iPod. There is now a game where the iPod will play a song and you have to guess the name of the song. Its difficult now that I have 1052 songs. The internet makes putting CD's on it much easier, unfortunately I only have two more CD's to put on before I bust into my Dave Matthews collection, which won't be on CDDB. Did some grocery shopping? Listening to music while shopping makes it much more fun, though I am afraid I probably looked like a freak. I made some yummy pizza for dinner and also got to play the guitar, but only for a couple of songs. I have to keep practicing my singing on Gravedigger and Jimi Thing. Two songs down only 100 or so more to go.

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