Friday, November 21, 2003

Two Down, Three To Go

I will abbreviate this story because I don't have time to type out the full good version and I am sure you all don't want to read it anyhow.
-Went to Borders grabbed a ticket to stand in line for the Boyd Tinsley signing.
-Met up with Jeremy and he went back to the dorm to get his CD because no CD = no autograph.
-Went to Starbucks and grabbed a gingerbread latte and the number FOUR of the twelve days of Christmas.
-Returned to Borders and stood in line to listen to Boyd answer questions
-Boyd was within feet of meet and then went to some room for questioning.
-He answered five questions and then we got in line for the signing.
-The line wrapped around the store.
-Walked through the sex section.
-Worked on the crossword puzzle while Jeremy went to McDonalds.
-Walked through the religion section.
-Finally got to the reference section for some help with the crossword puzzle.
-Let the two girls behind me use my phone.
-Discussed DMB and the shows we've been to with my other linemates.
-Made a girl envious because of my iPod.
-Finally got near Boyd and prepared my items for signing.
-In a rush of confusion I met Boyd.
-He signed three things and I told him to keep doing what he's doing or something like that.
-Gathered my things together and took a couple pictures.
-Gave my linemates business cards so they could get pictures from me.
-Went to the end of BoCaNO Thanksgiving.
-Finally walked home from the train station at 1AM.

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