Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It

First of all let me say good things have been happening to me like crazy. First of all I got a promotion, then well I hit the deer, but it will get me a new hood. Next up was the cold weekend which allowed the snowmakers to open Sunday River five days before the original opening day. I will be enjoying the snow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So as you can see things have been going well, so what else could possibly happen to top all of this great news. Well let me give you a hint picture:

That's right Dave, but since there are so many facets of Dave what is it this time that is causing me such jubiliation. The answer is FRONT ROW TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you read it correctly I will be sitting in the front row at "An Acoustic and Electric Evening with Dave Matthews & Friends" at the Fleet Center on December 16th. It will be my first time sitting in the front row since the December 9, 2000 show in Albany and before that the only other time was my best show January 29, 1997 at UMaine. I don't want to get my expectations up, but this show could possibly surpass UMaine. It is an acoustic show so it gets extra points, plus now I know more of the songs, the commute will be relatively easy, which is a big selling point of the UMaine show. Either way I am very excited. Oh yeah and I almost forgot to mention the second row seats I have at the Providence show three days before the Fleet Center show. Boy when it rains it pours.

This smile will not leave my face, I'll be riding this high until 2004.

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