Monday, August 11, 2003

Off to the Races

I had a busy weekend, starting with a Friday night at Fuddruckers, The Loop, Krispy Kreme and finally Urban Outfitters in Boston. Saturday I went to Plymouth to visit Mark and Kate. We went swimming in Long Pond, for fun we threw a hockey puck in the water and tried to find it. The sailboat races started after swimming and we watched Mark sail around Long Pond.

I gotta stop for some reason I feel like the words just aren't flowing correctly. It is the same feeling I get when I am trying to sleep in this humid weather and I just toss and turn for hours. I guess I have LJ block. Whatever shall I do?

Ah fcuk it I give up for today. Saw S.W.A.T. it was good. Go see it.

Did you hear about the contest on WBCN, where the winners get to see the last showing of Gigli ever? Now that is a great idea, they should have sarcastic contests like that more often. Talk about clever.

K. Willis Sands

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