Thursday, August 21, 2003

Good day yesterday I worked and nearly fell asleep while I was there. Afterwards I went home to see the doctor again and he said to keep up the good work and everything will be okay. I then hopped back in the car and headed to Cambridge for BoCaNO. We had a small turn out with Mark, Kate and Jennie, but it was very intimate. After sitting down for dinner we noticed a bunch of people in the restaurant next door shuffling about and finally realized it was an 8 minute dating thing, but with older people like 45-55. It was funny the guys were trying to be cool, but were old so it really didn't fly, but perhaps the women thought they were cool.

After BoCaNO I picked Vanessa up at the airport. I have to hand it to the developers in the parking garage, because there is no way a terrorist could bomb that place. It is too damn hard to find your way around the parking garage, it took me ten minutes just to find Terminal C. After finally finding the terminal I met Vanessa as can be seen on the picture above. It was great to see her and we are all glad to have her staying with us for the next couple of days.

We are now heading to the beach talk to you all later.

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