Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Last night I had quite the discussion with Britt about jeans. It all started by my telling her about my lunch with Dale and Scott the other day and how Dale had to return some jeans because they didn't fit properly. He said it gets so confusing in the stores because the names of the different styles are basically all synonymns of each other. Maybe its just me, but relaxed, easy, baggy and loose all seem like comfortable jeans that aren't tight period. Ask me the difference between them and I could never tell you. Britt and I decided to go online and see what the official definition is for each style (source
Relaxed Boot Fit - Sits just below the waist, full fit through leg, boot cut opening.
Relaxed Fit - Sits just below waist, full through the leg, straight opening.
Easy Fit - Sits at the waist, slightly loose through the leg, straight opening.
Baggy Fit - Sits at the waist, full through the leg, slightly tapered opening.
Loose Fit - Sits just below waist, loose through the leg, straight opening.
Standard Fit - Sits just below the waist, slightly loose through leg, straight opening.

Consider yourselves informed, I still don't see a difference between loose through leg and full through leg. I guess I am not hip enough. The jeans discussion then reminded Britt of some jeans she saw at Abercrombie and Fitch. We hopped on the information superhighway and headed to Abercrombie. After a little searching we found some rather interesting jeans. First were the women's jeans called Painted Destroyed Flare, click the picture to go to the site.
The description was: 100% cotton, paint/grass/dirt stains, Destroyed Denim Wash, Super Low Rise, Imported, $98.00
We figured maybe the men's would be different, but then we saw the Destroyed Vintage Chugger Boot Jeansclick the picture to go to the site.
The description was: 100% cotton, zipper fly, blown out knee, oil and bleach stains, wallet mark on back pocket, blasted and whiskered, walked on hem, sits just below waist, relaxed leg opening with boot slit, Made in the USA, $98.00
Can you believe they sell those things? Grass stains, wallet marks, oil and bleach stains, walked on hem, are they serious, all for the low price of $98. Hahaha. We laughed for a bit and then it hit me, if people will pay extra money for worn pants, perhaps they will pay more for pants with a storyline. I mean these jeans are cool, but they were manufactured this way, what if I actually wore pants and they became that way naturally. I could sell pants for hundreds of dollars. The name Britt and I came up with was Experience Pants or X-Pants for short. The idea is to go out buy jeans and hike Mount Washington, get them ripped up and sell them as pants destroyed while hiking the highest mountain in the Northeast. I actually have a pair of khakis, which were ruined will canoeing the Agawam River and a pair of cargo pants ruined while hiking the Flume Slide trail, to think I almost threw them out. Anybody want to invest or help out in the experience? I figure I need to get people of various pant sizes to create a full line.

In other news: I found a cool website, After registering you can enter all of the shows you have been to and it will tell you detailed information on your Dave Matthews history. Some of my stats:
35 shows attended
647 songs played at those shows
95 different songs played
23 times I have heard Too Much
8 times I have heard Ants Marching as an Encore song
Cool huh!!!
Lunch time walk slideshow

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