Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Burning My Life Away

I have been quite busy over the past few nights making CD's. As some of you might know I recently found a web site of Dave Matthews Band concerts and have since been attempting to compile a collection of all of the shows I have been too. Since my CD burner is super slow it takes a super long time, but I am really beginning to make a dent. Of the 35 shows I have been too I now have 20 shows on CD. I am psyched, now I just have to find time to listen to them.

A thought came to me the other morning after I got out of the shower. Don't worry its not related to the shower that just happens to be when I thought of it. I remembered that I had clothes at the dry cleaner's and wondered how many of the clothes you seen when you go there are only there because somebody forgot to pick them up. I bet there are probably clothes that have been there for years and have just been forgotten. The funny thing is despite my writing this I am probably going to forget my dry cleaning anyway.

Vanessa comes back tonight, I have to pick her up after BoCaNO and in honor of her arrival I am taking tomorrow off. It will be my first beach day in over a month, its about time the weather improved.

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