Thursday, August 28, 2003

A Perfect Finale

Another good old BoCaNO night at the Barking Crab, but first I had to get through my day at work sans Scottie. My first task was to send out a new policy for the support of our group. It was very to the point and many people decided to give me grief about it but IHTBD. I then went to help out on an interview and successfully caused a the guy to change his mind after taking a test I created for him. Oh well at least he didn't waste his time in a job he wouldn't have liked doing. Next on the chopping block was setting up my desk, which while fun took forever. It is almost identical kind of like when the Peabody-Essex museum moved a Chinese house here and put it back together piece by piece. My new PC is great now, but at first I had some issues with permissions and I couldn't install anything. Once things were straightened out I left and went to BoCaNO.

It was an average BoCaNO, well except for the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell showed up. They were extremely cool and even ordered buffalo wings, unfortunately the Boc's weren't into the wings, which was good for me because I basically got my own basket. To think a year ago I wouldn't even eat those things if you paid me.

I do have a great story about how small of a world it really is out there. I was invited to chat yesterday and upon joining the room noticed Noelle was in there as well as Mark and Kate. So she told a story about how she was at her high school reunion and was talking to her friend Amy and somehow my name came up. Since it is such a rare name, Amy inquired further and they determined that Amy had been roommates with Aimee, the girl I went out with a few times at the beginning of the summer. I never actually met Amy, but heard a lot about her. What a strange coincidence?

After BoCaNO I called Vanessa up to see what she was doing and then had the brilliant idea of going to Finale for some dessert since I have heard so much about the place. We met halfway and then it was on to the restaurant where I was seated with a great view of the preparation counter. I order the Caramel Carnivale, which was okay though a little bitter and Vanessa ordered the Molten Chocolate, I will be ordering that next time. When the food came I thought it funny how the waiter told us how to eat our desserts, but listened intently. However, Vanessa and I either misunderstood him or he lied to us with regards to her almond cluster. We thought he said "Don't eat it with your hands", but it turns out he must have said ,"You might want to eat it with your hands, because they have been known to shoot across the room." So Vanessa tried eating it with her fork and chocolate splattered all over the place. I was like you have some under your eye and on your nose also your cheek and shoulder. It was everywhere, haha, I wish I had taken a picture. Oh Man!! Good Times!! Got home late only to come in to a disaster at work this morning and that is where I leave you now.


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