Monday, January 9, 2006

It's Dave's Birthday Once Again

January 9th is here again today and that means its Dave Matthews' birthday. So in honor of his 39th birthday I am going to reveal all of the song statistics from the 48 shows I have been too. My Personal Dave Matthews Band Statistics

It was another great weekend. On Friday night I met Scottie at Margaritas after work and then we watched a whole bunch of Howard Stern OnDemand. Since we don't have Comcast at our house I haven't been able to watch the new OnDemand show, so I was pumped that I finally got to see some of the stuff on there. On Saturday, Jennifer and I checked three things off our wedding to do list. First we picked out invitations at Paper Source, I can't believe it costs $80 for just 50 invitations. Next up we drove down to Romm and Company and picked out wedding bands, I learned that I have really fat fingers after trying on the first ring and barely being able to pull it off. Finally on the ride home we got a call from Melissa's friend Jeff Tuohy about DJing and it looks like he will be able to do it. Here is a link to Jeff's Cd on CD Baby, its good stuff. So we are moving right along and are on pace for July 2nd. Jennifer is wedding dress shopping this weekend and next week we go meet the caterer. So the major things left to do after these two are the flowers for the bouquet, a photographer and a wedding cake. This wedding stuff is easy, I don't know why people hire planners ;o)

Okay now moving on to Sunday, I woke up and since it was snowing out I decided it woulddn't be worth it to drive up to Sunday River, so I stayed in bed. Finally we went to the cafe down the street and then Jennifer left for dance stuff. I hung around the house for a while and then went for a walk in the sunshiny afternoon. Later on I looked over some cookbooks for something new and clever for dinner and decided to make Kung Pao Chicken. So we went to the store and grabbed all of the ingredients at the store. Jennifer and I worked the wok together and put together a fantastic meal. I have to say I am a huge fan of the wok.

The Stern show today has been phenomenal, I don't know how I am going to pull myself away to go to work this morning.

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