Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy New Year

Another year has passed and things continue to get better and better. The last few years of my life have so amazing and it only appears to be getting better. I want to thank everybody who has helped contribute to such a great stretch in my life, especially my bride. For the New Year's this year we stayed in and worked most of the morning and then went in to Boston for lunch at Fanieul Hall. It was crowded in there, but the Indian food I had was top rate. Afterwards we walked up to the Common in the snow and checked out all of the ice sculptures. I had never been in the city on December 31st and aside from the annoying kids with horns it was a good time. We finally went back home and I did some more work before we hopped on the T for free and went to Marisa and Beth's party. It was great to see the State Street girls again, I felt like I hadn't seen them in forever. Jennifer and I left around nine because we wanted to be home in time for midnight. At the actual hour of midnight we opened one of the bottles of champagne we had recently received for the engagement. For the second year we filled out a questionaire I came up with last year and reviewed our answers from last year. It was funny to reminisce and look back at all that has changed in just the past year and think about what is going to change over the next twelve months.

I did work on a couple projects around the house over the weekend. For Christmas I received a set of tools from mom and Jon, which included three saws, a drill, a flashlight, a sander and a dust buster. Using my wonderful new tools I put a new shelf on my old desk so it could now be used as an entertainment center and also cut a new shelf for the coat closet in the front entry way. I read the manuals for my tools as I used them and quickly realized I didn't have safety glasses, I improvised though and ended up using my ski goggles. Both projects turned out well, except in the beginning I used screws on the entertainment center, which caused the wood to split. Hey I'm still learning.

Okay thats it for now. Happy New Year!!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, we checked out a wedding site on Friday, but it proved to be too expensive and not very "us". So instead we put in a request for a date at a place in Peabody. On a whim I had asked about dates before September and we got the crazy idea to have the wedding in June or July instead. So the date we have asked for is July 2nd. We should know by tomorrow afternoon, keep your fingers crossed. Once we get confirmation of the place and date I will be sure to post links for it.

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