Monday, October 31, 2005

First Podcast

Hi everybody, I have exciting news. I am going to begin providing podcasts for you all to listen to as an addition to the regular livejournal content. I have submitted it to the iTunes music store, so those of you with iTunes can subscribe to it and have it automatically downloaded whenever you open iTunes. If you have an iPod this will mean it will be added to your iPod also. Here is the link for the First Keeg's World Podcast. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE!!!! They haven't added the podcast to the iTunes Music Library yet, but I know the easy steps you need to take to subscribe to the podcast.
1) Go to and download iTunes. Click here to download
2) Install iTunes.
3) Once it is installed go to the Advanced menu and select Subscribe to Podcast.
4) Enter as the podcast URL.
5) After hitting okay iTunes will automatically load your podcasts window.
6) You should see an entry called Keeg's World. Right click on it and choose Update Podcast.
7) The most recent episode will download to your computer.
8) In the future new episodes will automatically load for you.

If you have an iPod the episodes will be transferred to it.


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