Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Preparation

I have been busy the last couple of days scouring the area for my halloween costume. I came up with the idea on Sunday night and finally found the hardest part of the whole thing yesterday. It annoys me sometimes how hard it is to find certain things in stores. I had a list of specific things I wanted and no matter where I went they just didn't seem to have it. In this day and age it is frustrating to know something exists out there in mass production, but still you are unable to find it. On top of that living in Somerville can sometimes be challenging when it comes to shopping. You would think living in the city would provide you with plenty of places to buy things, but I have found that usually the places I want to shop or eat just aren't in such an urban setting, I have even found that Waltham is lacking the amenities I seem to need. The worst part about Waltham though is that within ten miles there are tons of places to shop such as Framingham and the Burlington Mall, but the traffic is so bad its not feasible to actually go. I guess I am complaining because I felt so spoiled back in Salem, when I could drive ten minutes and be in Peabody where they have basically every store you could possibly want to go to.

Okay thats all for now here are some photos from last weekend. Head Of The Charles Photos

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