Friday, June 6, 2008

Light's Out

Last night Jennifer and I had a date night in Newburyport. We met my friend Victor and his wife at Agave in Newburyport for dinner. I had a delicious glass of wine and we had some queso fundido, which made for a yummy meal.

Afterwards we wandered around for a little while because we needed to pass some time away while we waited for Jeff Touhy's show at the Grog. We got a table at the Grog and watched the soundcheck. Jeff showed up and hung out at our table while the opening band played. Halfway through their first set the power went out. The band made some quick adjustments and moved off the stage and onto the dance floor and continued to play. They had all acoustic instruments including a stand up bass, so it worked out really well. Jeff went on a half hour later with his bandmate and they borrowed some acoustic guitars from the previous band and played a few songs. Unfortunately the power outage caused the Grog to shut down and the show was stopped after only three songs. It was a really cool vibe and we both enjoyed the shortened show.


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