Monday, April 16, 2007

Plaster Disaster

Kaleb: Day 59
Since Kaleb has been growing so much over the last few days, we thought it was a good time to try and get a plaster casting of his hand print. So we used the smaller of the two hand print plaster kits we received and started mixing. All seemed to go well until we actually got his hand into the plaster. It didn't go in very straight and was a disaster, we decided to smooth it out and try the other hand. It lined up much better this time, but then he clenched his fist and made a mess, all the while we were focused on the hand making the print the other hand was going for his ear. The result of this was that we had a completely screwed up plaster hand print mold, and a baby with plaster all over his hands and face. We tried to halt the progress of the quick drying plaster, but ended up with a bigger mess.

We then decided Kaleb needed to clean up using more than just a face cloth and figured it was a good time to try and put him in the shower. Since Jennifer was planning on taking a shower everything worked out fine. We were unsure about how well he would take it given his hot and cold response to baths (no pun intended). So Jennifer hopped in the shower and I stripped him down, he cried as expected once he was undressed, but settled down once in the bathroom. I handed him to Jennifer and he was as quiet as a mouse and seemed to enjoy the shower. After going out to get the camera and some warm towels I saw that he was loving the shower and didn't even care about the water running over his face. It was a great relief and he peacefully finished the shower before I took him into the dining room for changing.

Oh yeah here are some of Kaleb's nicknames for record keeping purposes: Dog-Bear, Sugar Buns, Sweet Pea, Melon Head, Little Butt, Mister Mister, Little Man, Little Nut Brown Hare, Fussy Gus, Frankie, Cashew, Frog Prince, Little Monster and Love Bug. We are slowly narrowing the list down, hopefully we will have only a couple by his first birthday.

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