Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Sunny Weekend

The sun and warm weather has finally arrived in Boston and we are trying to make the most of it, because we know it won't last. On Saturday, I started the morning inside playing video games, while Jennifer slept in with Kaleb. Super Paper Mario really has me stumped right now, but I know if I practice I will be able to pass the 100 trials. I suppose that is not of much interest, moving on... The weather was just amazing with the temperature well into the fifties by ten in the morning so we put Kaleb into the stroller and walked down to the store to pick up food for Sir's birthday lunch. Once we returned home in true Keegan fashion I opened up all of the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house. I then found myself a bit bored and decided to clean the radiators since they appeared to have about five years worth of dust piled up inside them. It took a bit of learning, but eventually I really cleaned them up and hopefully it will help with our dusty house.

Early in the afternoon the Riebe's arrived and they also had Robbie, who has been staying with them for the past week. Robbie and I played the Wii for while lunch was being prepared. We had some wonderful chicken fajitas and finished the meal with a yummy Carvel ice cream cake. After lunch we hung out for a bit, before Pete and Melissa left for the BoSox game. Nonna, Robbie, Jennifer, Kaleb and I set out for a long walk down to a science fair in Central Square. It took quite a while to get down there, but once we were there we were able to sit around for about an hour and rest. After Nonna and Robbie had explored the entire science fair we walked back toward Harvard Square and then veered down towards the Charles River. We hung out there for a while and then walked up to Harvard Square, where we picked up some sushi for dinner. Jennifer and I went ahead because Kaleb was getting hungry and I grabbed some Thai food for my dinner. We watched the end of the BoSox game and waited for Pete and Melissa to return.

The weather this morning was even better than Saturday, and while we wanted to just stay in bed and sleep, we had a very complete day planned and it was all starting at 9:30. We played pass the baby back and forth so we could get ready for the day. The Riebe's came over and we then made our way up to a house showing in Merrimac. The house was very old and looked it inside. We knew it would require a lot of interior work, but there were some other things that just weren't right about it. It was good to go look at houses and I definitely learned a few things from the home inspector. It was interesting how I noticed details that would have gone unnoticed by me just six months ago. Needless to say we will not be putting an offer in on the house. After the showing we had a few hours before the first open house, so we went over to my mom's house to look up the addresses of them and also to visit with the family. When the time came we drove over to Chester street to look at a newer house and it was really great although a bit out of our range. We are finding that most houses we would really be interested are just a bit outside our price range. The older houses plus improvements total about to about the same as the newer houses. It seems like a common problem of wanting something just more than you can afford or it could just be a bad coincidence. We are going to keep are eyes open though and hope these houses stay on the market for a couple more months so we can pitch them a lower offer.

After the open houses we went downtown and picked up some sandwiches and then drove across the Merrimack to Maudsley for a picnic lunch in the grass. The sea breeze started to kick in so there was a bit of a chill in the air and Kaleb was a bit fussy (which was understandable given the busy day he had). So after lunch we parted ways with the Riebe's and we all went back towards our respective homes. Once we returned home the three of us hopped into bed for a nice afternoon nap. Once we woke up and recharged, we popped Kaleb into the Moby and set out on another outdoor adventure, this time only out in Somerville. After about an hour we stopped in to Shaw's bought some ice cream and returned home. It was a busy and crazy weekend, but I think that is how I like it especially when the weather is so wonderful when most of it is spent outside. Fortunately, the weekend will continue for me tomorrow since I have taken the day off. The plan right now is to drive out to Rockport and spend some of the day at Halibut Point State Park and then to go to downtown Rockport for lunch. It should be a great day with lots of sun and a high up in the 80's.

I want to close this entry by talking about Kaleb. Over the past week or so he has been changing so much and is getting really close to the magical moment when he stops begins interacting with us. It all started last week when he began to noticeably focus on our faces, followed by the ability to follow some moving objects and today for the first time he seemed to recognize Jennifer's voice and turned his head toward her when she said his name. I don't always point out these little events because they all seem so subtle and improved gradually over the course of a few days, but I am going to try my best to record them when I notice them. It is even harder to notice physical changes because we see him everyday, but over the past week we have noticed that for us he has transitioned from looking like a super small baby and we are beginning to see little boy qualities in his looks and faces. We really noticed this when looking at photos of him from the end of last week. It is just amazing how quickly he learns and is slowly creating his own little personality. Our doctor said sometime in the next two weeks he will probably begin to smile in reaction to us instead of just as a reaction to his own gas or bowl movements.

That's all for now.

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