Saturday, April 28, 2007

10 Weeks

Kaleb: Day 70

Its hard to believe that ten weeks have passed since Kaleb was born. He has changed so much especially in the area of his chubbiness. We gave him a bath tonight and I can barely get my fingers around his thighs because they are so big. He surely is a little monster. Today Jennifer left the two of us for a few hours and while we got off to a good start when he got hungry I tried to give him a bottle of formula and he wasn't having it. So we struggled for about an hour of him being hungry and me trying to feed him from the bottle. I think it is time to get him trained on how to eat from the bottle again, the only thing is that I am not sure if it is the bottle he doesn't like or the old breast milk.

Tomorrow we are driving up to Amesbury to look at some more houses. Hopefully we will find something good, because it would be good to put the house search behind us. We will then rush home afterwards so we can go to Mes' birthday party at Border Cafe. It will be a busy day that will certainly find me working for as much of it as possible. We have another big demo coming up, that will require some more new functionality.

One thing to note about today was the rain storm we had in Somerville. It was the first really April shower and was so refreshing. Smelling the fresh air from a heavy shower is one of those top smells a nose gets to experience.


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