Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Splish Splash Its Time for Kaleb's First Bath

Kaleb: Day Twelve

We started the day off with some more good news, Kaleb gained another 30 grams over night and now ways 1670 grams or 3lbs 10.91oz. He is nearly back to his birth weight, which is fantastic. The other news was that he finished an entire bottle overnight and he also had his feeding tube moved into his left nostril although he did manage to pull it out twice today. I left work early so I could get over to the hospital for his first bath. I took off his diaper and he was fussy again, but it was only the beginning of his whining. Once he was stripped down and moved him over to the bath things really got interesting. He really freaked out as soon as he was placed in the water, luckily he calmed down relatively quickly and actually enjoyed the rest of his bath. It was a pretty neat moment. I managed to capture some of it on tape and hopefully if I can get up to my mom's house this weekend I will be able to get some of the video on the internet. We finished up his bath and I once again tried to give him a bottle, it went much better today than the last time, I think mostly due to the fact that I am much more comfortable holding him now. He made it through half of his bottle, which was pretty good, we are going to try again tomorrow, but will give him more rest throughout the day so he isn't so tired.

After the hospital I went in to BoCaNO at the Kinsale. We really did poorly at trivia and quit halfway through. It was good to see everybody though.


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