Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Out of the Greenhouse and into the Garden

Kaleb: Day Eleven

It was another great day for Mr. Kaleb today. The biggest news was that he graduated from his greenhouse and moved to a bathtub crib. The reason for the move is that he has been keeping his temperature pretty steady and there is no need for external heating. It is just another step in the direction of his eventual move back home. The only big hurdle left is to get him to feed without the use of his feeding tube. He has had some success with bottles, but it is a real crap shoot, on the other hand his breast feeding has continually improved. Yesterday his weight only increased by 5 grams, but that is okay because it is still in the upward direction. What else... oh yeah we were supposed to do his first bath tonight, but due to time constraints we are pushing it back to tomorrow night. I have the video camera all loaded up and ready for the big adventure. Hopefully the bath will go better than the diaper change I went through tonight. I don't know what his deal was, but he sure was fussy. Not only was he crying, but his heart rate went through the roof, its super scary when you are trying to change a diaper and not only is the baby crying, but a machine starts beeping like crazy.

Tonight after coming back from the hospital we were treated to a fantastic dinner at Rendezvous by Cara and Jeff. I went with a nice lamb shank and finished the meal with a fine piece of chocolate cake. I had never been there before, but I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a really tasty meal. Thanks again to Cara and Jeff for such a great treat!!!


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