Saturday, February 24, 2007

Moving On Up

Kaleb: Day Seven

Yesterday Kaleb was transferred from the Brigham & Women's to Winchester Hospital. Its a big step because it means he is progressing well. Jennifer and I scoped out the hospital in the morning and gave the okay for his transfer. Its a really low key facility and much calmer than the Brigham's NICU. In the morning he had half of his feeding from a bottle, which was about 50% more than he had the previous day. Jennifer put him to breast in the afternoon using a nipple shield and it really helped him feed, which was another huge accomplishment. The most important thing right now is getting him to feed completely from a bottle or breast. So far he seems to be learning quite well.

Today my dad stopped by and was there when he arrived for the transfer. Later on in the evening my mom showed up and sat with us during the six o'clock feeding. It was really nice to have my mom there while Kaleb was out of his greenhouse. I think he really liked having her there too.

This morning Jennifer called and the nurse said his weight is unchanged from yesterday, so hopefully it is just going to go up from now on.

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