Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Two In A Row

Believe it or not this is my second entry in as many days. So now I have to come up with something clever to say. This morning I walked by the free Boston Globe person and grabbed my much Metro on the way down to the train and saw this picture:

Now thats a big boulder, can you imagine driving down the street and you see that thing rolling down the hill towards you. AHHHHHHH!! I then started to read about the ACLU trying to get the police out on the Cape to stop getting DNA samples from everybody. I then thought maybe we should have DNA samples of everybody stored somewhere. After thinking for five seconds more I realized it might not be the best idea because with the DNA you could use it for clones which is a scary thing. I just remembered being young and going to the police station to provide them with my fingerprints for record keeping purposes. So now I sit on the fence and wonder what would be best? I think the government will have to trick us into using our DNA for identifcation purposes before everybody gives up their deoxy ribonucleic acid.

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