Friday, January 21, 2005

Cold Again

Okay the temperature was below zero this morning. What is going on with our climate? I don't remember it being this cold when I was young. Of course I don't remember much from when I was young. Yesterday I was walking out of the parking garage at work and this guy was driving his car and his ski carrier slammed right into the low clearance bar, but he didn't care and kept driving. I don't know if he got stuck somewhere, but I was waiting to hear the loud bang of the ski carrier ripping off of the roof.

I had another job interview yesterday at State Street. It was for a Technology Analyst II, which technically is a grade level below my current position. The interview went well and I thought the guys I would be working with were really cool. Cool in the sense that they were excited about programming and could discuss technology with me. In going to the interview I also realized the job I was about to get an offer for from IBT was not the right thing for me. The IBT job was basically doing the same thing I do now except over there. They weren't going to pay me more money and looking back I was only excited to leave SSC and not excited about the position itself. In the afternoon I had a call with IBT to discuss the offer and broke off the whole deal. I am disappointed about not taking a new job, but at the same time I am glad I didn't make a huge decision for the wrong reason. Now I just wait to hear back from SSC.

Last night I called my grandmother, Meme, and talked for quite a while. It was so good to speak with her. I also found out she will be around in May so Jennifer and I will have a place to stay. After the phone call I helped Jennifer set up for her little cocktail party. About six people showed up and we enjoyed cheese, crackers, hummus (well not me), grapes, cookies and some wine. We had some Reisling, Pinot Grigio and Chianti. I only had the Reisling, because I just love it.

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