Thursday, June 24, 2004

Scary Old Man

I am sure you have all seen the new Six Flags commercials with the old man dancing in front of the bus. Could that guy be scarier looking? Every time I see him I am freaked out and afraid if I went to the park I would run into him. I must say though he is a pretty good dancer. Another commercial I have recently seen that hasn't become annoying yet is for Fanta soda. It has the Fantana's, which is a musical group of women, one for each flavor of Fanta available. They incessantly sing, "Fanta, Fanta, don't you want a Fanta, Fanta." So far I am not too annoyed with this campaign, but I don't think that will last long. btw Commercials and trailers before a movie have reached an all new high. When I went to see The Terminal on Tuesday, the movie didn't started until 23 minutes after the start time. Keep that in mine when going to the cinemas this summer. You have an extra twenty minutes to get there.

I think reporting of tardiness on commuter rail trains is unfair. I was waiting for the train this morning and thinking about how trains can't be early. I suppose they can arrive at the final destination, but that is only because the last leg of the trip went well. It seems like they always report trains being late, but they can never be rewarded for being early. The problem is they can't be at a stop before they are supposed to. It leaves a lot of room for error and delays.

BoCaNO Update
We went to Boston Beer Works last night.
Amy had a fatty burger she had to send back. Upon hearing this the manager exclaimed," But it's Black Angus".
Mark Pooplehoff, was hit by a seagulls cluster bomb, which dropped shrapnel for about fifteen feet along the sidewalk.
Kate and Amy have entered a pact to not cut their hair again until the first day of next year.
I figured out I get about as much ass as a park bench, with a wet paint sign on it.
Two pitchers of beer cost $27. Outrageous.
Mark Weddinglehoff will not have pink flowers at his wedding.
Mark L called in from Chicago, from his hotel room on the 26th floor.

so, i get home last night and my car was booted. it was in the street b/c
my roommate moved it so that she could get out of the driveway --remember,
we have 2 spots and i'm NEVER parked there. the note on the car says i was
parked in a handicapped spot and would have to pay the fines ($300) before
getting it unbooted. 1) i was not in the god damned handicapped spot. the
scenario looks like this: me - handicapped spot - big, huge suv. now
the big huge suv was parked halfway in the handicapped spot, but for some
reason the police office thought that it was ME who was in the spot. (FYI-
handicapped person for whom the spot was allocated, moved about 6 months
ago). SO, i go to somerville city hall (open only 9 -4) which is about a
mile from my house, walking (b/c my car is booted). they tell me there "no,
no, you have to go to the parking office that is in DAVIS square - (.25 mile
from my house). so i run there (1.67 miles) and explain it all to them.
have to wait for the ticket dispute guy to come in (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.). they
agree with me. no fine. BUT i have to call the tow guy to get the boot
off. call the tow guy. he says "i can be there in an hour or 2". i say
that i can't wait there for up to 2 hours waiting for him to come (i have to
be there to give him the note from ci. somerville saying he can take it
off). SOO, we have a date at 1;00p.m. in the meantime, it's probably
street cleaning day, so my car will most likely be towed.

good start to the day.

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