Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Free Write

So yesterday I worked a ton of hours, I had to be in early for expenses and then I had to stay late for expenses. I am really sick of those expenses. Oddly enough I was still wide awake last night when I got home. On top of that once I made it home there was a package waiting for me. The new Dave Matthews Band live CD's were sitting in my front entry way. It is a three show six CD set from the Gorge in 2002. It went right into the CD player and I made it through two and a half shows. I stopped to watch the finale of the Real World, which was kind of a let down. On top of that they said the reunion show isn't until next week. Why couldn't they be more like Survivor and just put it on right afterwards? Well I suppose I will end up watching it either way.

I cleaned my apartment last night and did some dishes. I know I will be moving in less 30 days and will have to clean again, but it is always to have a nice clean apartment. By the way I still haven't found an apartment, I keep sending out emails, and only receiving a few responses in return. I guess I have to keep at it, kind of like the online dating thing, which has been about as successful as the apartment search. I guess they are both similar anyway since you end up interviewing with dates and apartments.

So I was driving home and remembered a story I think should be documented. Way back about ten years ago I was dating this girl in high school. I was a couple of years older than her as you would expect. Anyway for some reason we had gone to Wal-Mart with my grandfather. I pointed out that we needed more condoms so we bought some and then met back up with my grandfather. Upon getting in the car I looked at the receipt and saw that they accidentally had charged me for two boxes when I only had one in the bag. So I debated with the girlfriend about what to do and we came to the conclusion that it was worth the trouble to go back, heck their expensive. We told my grandfather to turn around and that we had to go back, of course he asked why and we told him. He was a little shaken about it, but brought us back. I then had to go to customer service and stand in line to get the money back. Let me tell you if you thought buying condoms was awkward try getting a cusomer service clerk to believe you were over charged for them.

Now thats a story. Later!!

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