Monday, May 10, 2004


It has been a while since I have been this tired, but I keep waking up super early and I can't really explain why. For example on Saturday night I went to sleep around 1 AM and my body decided it would be a good idea to wake up at 5:45. Of course I tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. So yesterday I ended up being awake for almost twenty hours before going to bed. Of course I woke up this morning bright and early, and on top of that I feel sick now. Woohoo what a great way to start off the week. The only good news I guess is that since I am sick my voice is really deep, I am thinking of grabbing the guitar and covering some Johnny Cash songs, hahaha.

My weekend was very busy, I did a lot of random errands on Saturday and then went in to the city to pick up Vanessa. We went up to the moutains because she had never seen them before and I thought that was something she had to do before she went back to Florida. So we drove up and along the way saw two deer and two moose. The first moose we saw was gigantic, I felt like I could have driven my car underneath it if I tried. We went to Suds and then back to the house to watch a show about Dave Matthews and Trey visiting Senegal. The next morning I woke up super early (see above) and then we went up to Grafton Notch State Park to see the sights. Next we drove by Sunday River, which was really sad since all of the snow and people are gone. We kept going and stopped at the Ellis River Falls, before going shopping in North Conway. I bought a new spring jacket, a shirt and a few pairs of socks, oooh exciting. The sun finally began to peek out through the clouds within minutes of us getting on to the Kancamagus Highway. We stopped again along the river for some waterfall pictures and continued on in the beautiful weather towards Woodstock. We grabbed a quick lunch and then went back to the 'Bury.

I washed and waxed my car before finally returning to Salem. Wow what a weekend. Oh yeah did anybody see the Survivor finale last night, actually I already know the answer, NO!! Well I am going to talk about it anyway. I just think it is hilarious how some of the people on the show don't realize its a game and take everything personally. They also don't realize that all of the alliances they make are going to have to be broken in one way or another. I am so sick of them whining about how the person lied and said it would be them until the end. Duh, that person probably said the same thing to four other people, but he obviously can't fulfill this tall order. Get over it!!!

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