Monday, May 3, 2004

Another Random Weekend

It was a great weekend, once again I just went with the flow and just did whatever came along. This included hanging with the Emerson crowd on Friday, beach going on Saturday and some Amesbury activities Sunday, followed by a nice dinner with some of the BoCaNO crew on Sunday night. The weather was great on Saturday, but it was very strange today. We had some sun, lots of clouds and even some rain at points. I wish the the weekend was a little longer, becuase I am quite tired now.

Oh yeah an update on my living situation, I will now be moving on July 31st. It's a long story I don't really care to go into it, bottom line is that it is pretty much a dead issue for the time being. I am going to upload some pictures and then its off to bed then.

Monday, monday is right around the corner.

Zach's Baseball game
Day at the Beach

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