Sunday, March 7, 2004

Mi Camara

Hooray I my camera is back and I can finally put up the pictures from way back on February 29th. The pictures include some shots of Mark's broken mug, the deprecated Upper Cascades and some Barker shots.

The most recent weekend was a ton of fun, even though I only ended up skiing for a few hours total. Friday night I met everybody at Sud's including Scott and John. On Saturday the weather was very rainy and after using up all of the French Toast batter we hung out and watched several episodes of "The Office", which I highly reccommend. We went to Pat's Pizza for lunch and brought back and extra combo plus pizza in case we might need some later. Next up on the DVD line up was Van Wilder, followed by a great steak dinner at the Grizzly. Stayed at the Grizzly scene for a couple hours and then checked out the Well before heading back home at 1:15.

The rain on Saturday turned the mountian into a giant ice block today. The conditions were horrible as I knew they would be, but since I won't be skiing for three weeks I had to make a trip up there. One thing that has been on my mind lately though is the trip to Amsterdam at the end of this week. I am very excited, but just can't decide whether to try and squeeze everything into one bag or bring a backpack and my work bag. Mom seems to thing one bag is a bad idea, kind of like putting all your eggs into one basket. Any suggestions?

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