Wednesday, March 17, 2004

All's Well At Castle Well

I am now sitting in the computer lab at Castle Well. It is strange how much I feel like I am back in college right now. Here is what I look like, my hair is out of control long I am wearing UNH wind pants, a long sleeve shirt, a baseball cap backwards and some flip flops. I just finished doing laundry and playing minesweeper on the computer. Oh how I miss Somerset Hall. Anyway I am in Europe and its not about reminiscing the old college days its about experiencing new things which I have certainly been doing.

After leaving the internet cafe last night we walked around the city some and had Italian food for dinner at a small cafe along the Rhine. The food was great, instead of getting pizza I ended up with some macaroni with cheese, ham and mushrooms. Very yummy!!! We walked some more and took pictures and then briskly walked back to the sketchy hostel. Once safely inside we turned on some German TV to keep us entertained. First we watched MTV, because the shows were in English and had German subtitles, but eventually those two shows ended and we ended up watching this odd game show. On the show they showed a picture of a woman and then seven pictures of cleavage. The object was to select the three sets of cleavage that belonged to the woman. A timer would count down from a minute and a half and people would call in and guess. As time passed the prize money would rise. After a half hour the winnings were up to 3000 Euro. It was getting late so we shut it off.

This morning we woke up and checked out (left our keys on the table in the room) and went to Starbucks for breakfast. We walked around a bit more while we waited for the Chocolate museum to open up. At ten we went to the museum which was great and they even gave us some still warm chocolate. It was getting late so we made our way back to the train station. After Vanessa battled the ticket line and purchased her tickets for Prague we ran up and grabbed the train. It was going to Monchantgradblack... something. We made it there and stood on the track that said Venlo, but then we heard an announcement in German about Venlo. After a minute we looked up and the sign had changed and we went to find information about the train. I looked up to another track and it said Venlo, we ran up the steps just as the train was leaving. We waited in this long name town for an hour before the next train to Venlo to depart. Finally we made it back to Well where I checked in to the hotel.

Vanessa had class so I looked at some of my pictures on a real computer. They look good, I can't wait to upload them for you all to see, I am sure you are also excited. I went to the market to buy sandwich meat, croissants, waffles, smarties and chips. It was very warm today and the walk back was so relaxing. I even stopped in another market to get an apple, which suited the walk perfectly. As I said before I have all fresh clothing and we are heading to London bright and early tomorrow morning. Good bye mainland Europe, its been fun.

So what was the final snow outcome in Boston?
We definitely had the opposite of snow in Europe today. I was saying how from the day I landed in Amsterdam to this afternoon in Koln, the weather has completely changed for the better.

Have a great day,

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