Friday, March 19, 2004

London Day Two

Back at the easyInternetcafe again. My excuse this time is that Vanessa had to email somebody, so Jess and I bought some time also. The keyboards in this place are filthy and the space bar doesn't work so well. After updating yesterday we walked and saw the major sights here in London. Parliament building, the Clock Tower (which contains the bell Big Ben), Westminster Abbey, and the Wheel. We purchased tickets to some concert tonight. It is a classical music thing, which will be a nice relaxing evening. We finally made it back to the hostel and hung out(rested our weary knees) for a couple hours before going out for a nice Italian dinnner.

Woke up this morning only to find out it was raining :o( We bought an all day Tube pass to stay dry and we are going to go on a double decker bus tour this afternoon. I really enjoy the city and though it is really big it feels a bit like Boston. I always have to think twice when crossing the street because of the cars go on the opposite sides of the street, but they have it painted on the road "Look Right". What else? Oh yeah the other reason I like it here is because I feel like I look similar to a lot of the true English people you know the narrow face and the same type of nose. Any of these people could easily be my relative, which I don't find at home or in any of the other countries I visited so far.

Okay I must continue my internet usage elsewhere. Only a couple more days to go. Mom thanks in advance for calling about my jury duty.


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