Wednesday, October 15, 2003

You know sometimes you just don't have it

Yep I know I didn't update yesterday and almost didn't update today, but I was inspired by the rain, which seems to happen alot, and by Britt's new LJ background. No I am not going to have a new background, because the pictures I have already take long enough for people to update. Her new background inspired me to put a link to my favorite flash movie of all time, no offense Bren, but this is just too funny. Click ----->Funny Mario Flash Movie

The rain this morning in Salem was out of control it made for a rather interesting commute. Once again the umbrellas were out in force but most were overturned by the high winds. I was forced to debut my new jacket today, despite the fact I wanted to save it for a cold sunny day instead of putting it to the rain test right away. It didn't disappoint and kept my upper body dry, but my legs were soaked because the rain would just run down the jacket on to my pants. I hate that!!!

Last night I watched the Cubs blow their game in the 8th inning. It was unbelievable and goes to show you how a baseball game can completely change in as little as ten minutes. Basically the Cubs were up 3-0 and were five outs away from the World Series and then things got out of control. A fan interefered with the ball out in foul territory so that the left fielder wasn't able to make the catch. A few pitches later and the score was tied thanks to a huge double. Florida proceeded to tack on four more runs before the end of the inning and ended up winning 8-3. What a stressful game? Turns out the poor guy that caught the ball was not treated to well by the ground and had to be escorted out of his seat because of threats from other fans. Security actually gave him a change of clothes so the irrate fans wouldn't recognize him in the streets. Lets hope the Cubs win and he doesn't become the Bill Buckner of the Cubs 2003 playoff run.

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