Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So Much To Say

Oh man it doesn't get more fun then trying to see how many Dave Matthews titles you can squeeze into a series of sentences:

pseed36 (1:02:43 PM): Oh, you are so damn lucky. What you are may even be considered crazy. You never know when all those songs will come in handy though, like if you retired to bethel and became a bartender or something, pouring pints of that Halloween ale for the mug clubbers. You'd also have to learn that spoon trick to make the black and tans. Be careful with that bar though. The space between the liquor table and the bar is pretty narrow. Don't crash into it. That would be trouble. You could also hire back that waitress, Angel, from Liams. You know her, she's all that girl raised her baby, remember?
Auto response from KeegSands (1:02:43 PM): Ok so here's the Dave breakdown:
38 shows I've been to.
100 full shows on disc
2500 mp3s including different versions
5 hours of ants
6 hours of two step
31 days I could listen to Dave and not here the same version twice.

pseed36 (1:03:03 PM): Probably be a fool to think that she'd ever work at Suds everyday again though. Even if she did come back, she probably would not stay for more than 1 winter anyway. She wouldn't care if she let you down, so that may be a bad idea. An' another thing& I heard from joe that when she left the 1st time she didn't even say goodbye. I guess she thought there was too much BS with the new management. Recently its been hard to find good staff up there. You gotta take the best of whats around and hope it all works out.

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