Thursday, October 2, 2003

Crushing Defeat

The picture above is of my desktop. Click on it to see a better quality versoin and once that loads if you wait for the expander thing in the lower right hand side you can see it at full size. I wish I could make it more clear, but shutterfly just loves to destroy the quality of images when viewing them on their website. I would love for you all to post pictures of your desktops. Since it is tough for everybody to actually put them out there, if you email them to me at, I will post them. Simple steps to do that:
1) Get your desktop looking how you want it, without any confidential information showing.
2) Hit the Print Scrn button (Yes it actually does something, it takes a picture of the current screen)
3) Open up Paint. Start>Programs>Accessories> something like that.
4) In Paint, Edit>Paste.
5) Save it down using File>Save As.
6) Send it to me.
I will post them as I get them.
So moving on...

Last night was the first game of the ALDS for the BoSox and I decided to watch some of it before bed. It was crazy and I became rather stressed especially watching Pedro pitch over way over his season high in number of pitches. At around 12:30 I decided it was time to go to bed and see how fate would handle things this year. I kept having these dreams and everybody would tell me a different score for the game. When I finally turned the TV on I saw the soon to be unforgettable walk-off bunt which put the BoSox away for good in the twelfth inning. I can only imagine how many people stayed up until 2:47 for this devastating loss. I am very limited in my knowledge of baseball, but Pedro was unbelievable and really showed why he is so important to this team and in my opinion made the millions of dollars we pay him last night. However, two player with surprisingly quiet bats last night were David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, I am hoping this afternoon they come out of their little slump and put the hurt on the A's, so we can at least get two games in Boston this weekend. I have doubted the BoSox all year because I worry that they can't step up to the challenge when they need to, let's hope I am wrong.

One more thing try this road challenge test. Take the test My score was 750.

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